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guest speaking at live eventsI am the guest speaker that will inspire, motivate and excite your audience with my passion and engaging stories. I will leave your audience filled with great ideas, out of the box thinking and actionable advice that will help them create success beyond their imagination.

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For over two decades, I have worked with start-ups and major corporations in a number of different industries, helping them to literally generate almost a billion dollars in sales. As a matter of fact, at one point in my career, I was the Vice President at the Home Shopping Network and honored to work directly with creative genius Kevin Harrington, who many of you may recognize from the Shark Tank.

guest speakerSo, while I have had an incredible career and was even honored as ‘One of the Twenty to Know’ in my industry, I realized then that true success is more than just making money – it’s about empowering others to unleash their true potential. You see, as a serial entrepreneur, I have experienced the challenges of owning my own business. Today, I share the exact same formula I have used to build my success, including how to build a personal brand, position yourself as the go-to guru in your field, generate tremendous exposure and have your ideal clients coming to you.

Speaking Experience

From coast to coast and Singapore to Turkey, I have been a keynote speaker around the globe. I have a passion for speaking. I have shared my expertise through my published books and articles, co-hosted a live national radio show reaching 17 million people and been interviewed on national television. So, whether you are planning a large event or small intimate group, I am the go-to guru that delivers a high-energy, informative, interactive presentation that will help your attendees take their businesses to the next level.

Speaking Topics

Become An Author This Weekend & Watch Your Business Boom

Publishing your own book is the foundation for building your platform, raising you above the competition. Despite all of the benefits, many would-be authors procrastinate, because they either don’t know where to begin or simply don’t have the time. Discover what you need to do to become an author this weekend, including my proven formula for content that engages your ideal clients and positions the sale of your product or service.

Be The Go-To Guru  In Your Field

You have spent years paying your dues; you have a lifetime of experience that others simply don’t have. It’s this unique knowledge and experience that sets you apart. Discover how to call on that experience and build your personal brand as the go to guru in your field. Forget about selling; have clients seeking you out. This is the most powerful growth strategy for any entrepreneur.

Get Clients 1-2-3 With Empowerment Marketing 

Today’s savvy clients don’t want to be told what to buy. They want to be engaged with you, know you are listening to their needs and that they can trust you to solve a problem for them. Discover how Empowerment Marketing positions you as the trusted advisor that people turn to and opens doors that fuels your success.

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